$19.97 CAD

Menopause Metabolism Masterclass


In a recent poll, the #1 thing that menopausal women struggle with is weight gain...

especially for women who have not changed anything in their current lifestyle.

And that's part of the problem

Research shows that your metabolism DOES change through menopause so what you are currently doing does not work. 

So what does?

This is what my Menopause metabolism Masterclass is all about and I will cover:

  • The different stages of menopause

  • How your hormones are changing and how this affects your metabolism

  • How exercising more and eating less can actually cause you to GAIN weight.

  • The important role that muscle plays in your metabolism
  • Simple steps to take now so you can get your metabolism working in the right direction.

Although menopause weight gain is a very real part of the transition, your metabolism is NOT just about weight loss.

Metabolism affects your ability to use food properly as fuel, it impacts your energy, your ability to build muscle and just feel good!

So if you are sick and tired of feeling "sick and tired", listen and learn so you can start feeling better NOW!