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The Ultimate Girls Night Out....Grown Up Style


Our Live and In Person Event to Help Redefine Menopause and Midlife


Learn from the BEST expert speakers in women's health talk about some of the most intimate experiences of menopause. 


Although menopause and midlife are very much "real life", we don't have to suffer in silence. We need laughter and community now!


Nothing says "girls night out" like one-of-a-kind shopping from local women owned businesses who support other women

Why we created this event?

To help remove the stigma and silence that surrounds menopause and help women feel seen and heard in a safe and fun environment

Some photos from previous events.

"This was fun and powerful. Well done. Thank you!"- Anonymous

Past expert speakers....

Nadine Woods

Founder, Mayana Geneviere; a WOC - owned and operated social enterprise created for women of all stages, shapes and sizes.

Shauna Levy

Founder, Madge and Mercer Modern Apothecary; purposefully formulated cannabis products designed for womens health.

Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson, ND; is a Toronto naturopathic doctor,  expert in women’s health and hormones and founder of Hot Mess Wellness.

Shirley Weir

Founder, Menopause Chicks; is an author and is on a mission to empower women through perimenopause and menopause with confidence and ease.

Erin Keaney

Real Estate Agent and comedian. Erin is a Real Estate agent by day and the creator of 12 year running, popular "Time Out" Comedy Show, by night.


Founder, Sam Core Trainer; is a online health & fitness coach, speaker, teacher, author, course creator and media expert.

Dr. Deanne Simms

Clinical Health Psychologist, CEO, ThriveSpace. Dr. Simms is passionate about helping women to optimize their personal and professional
functioning in their mental health

Aliya Dhalla

Aliya is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and a Pelvic Floor Coach with more than 13 years of experience and is the founder of Box Wellness Co. - an online community for women

Surabhi Veitch

Surabhi Veitch, aka The Passionate Physio, is a pelvic & orthopaedic physiotherapist with 12 years of experience helping people thrive in pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause and beyond. 

Dr. Marjorie Dixon

Dr. Marjorie Dixon is the Founder, Medical Director, and CEO of Anova Fertility, Canada's leading full-service fertility and IVF center.

Dr. Catherine Newry

Catherine Newry, ND is a Toronto naturopathic doctor who helps women transform their health with a holistic approach.

And we are just getting started.

we promise that each event will be better than the last!

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